Master of Science

Modul 10a: Molekulare Zellbiologie I (WS)

Dozenten: Prof. Dr. Uwe Wolfrum, Dr. Kerstin Nagel-Wolfrum, NN

a) Vorlesung: Molekulare Zellbiologie (2 SWS): Sprache: Deutsch/English

Inhalte/contents: Cell organization, Cytoskeleton, Molecular motors, Intracellular transport, Gene regulation, Splicing, Cilia biology, Photoreceptor cell biology, Ciliopathies, Hereditary retinal degenerations; Usher syndrome, Protein networks - Affinity proteomics, Animal and cell models, iPSCs, ocular organoids, Gene therapy

10-12 lectures incl.  2 guest speakers,

b) Übung: Molekulare Zellbiologie I

Blockveranstaltung; 2 Wochen, ganztägig, Arbeiten in 2- oder 4-Teams, Sprache: Deutsch/English

  • Recombinant expression of GFP-tagged proteins in mammalian cells
  • Subcellular localization of proteins in cryosections via immunofluorescence microscopy - immunohistochemistry
  • Validation of molecular interactions of proteins via GFP-Trap immunoprecipitations - protein-protein Interactions

c) Seminar: Current Topics in Cell Biology Sprache: English

Presentation of a scientific original publication including background information.

Modul 10b: Molekulare Zellbiologie II (WS)

Dozenten: Prof. Dr. Uwe Wolfrum, Dr. Kerstin Nagel-Wolfrum, NN

Blockveranstaltung; 4-5 Wochen, ganztägig, Arbeiten in 2-Teams

Lab/bench work, participation at current research projects

Sprache: Deutsch/English